The people at Key Soft have done a great job for us. They took a manually operated business and completely automated it. Communication has never been a problem and when we requested changes and had concerns, they responded quickly and professionally. Their fees for services performed were well below market so that budgets have never been a concern.

Their technical expertise is top notch and they seem to be ahead of the curve as new technologies emerge. We continue to use them as our business develops and grows. I feel very fortunate that they were the firm we settled on for our initial project.

We are information brokers providing services to end-users. Our clients are primarily employers who use our services for pre-employment background screening. Providing a one-stop shop for those clients means that we must be able to access data from hundreds, even thousands of sources. These include court houses in any of the 3000 plus counties in this country and most foreign countries, driving records from each State's DMV, and access to data repositories online and those that must be turned over to an individual who will personally do the research. This requires "speaking" the language of many different systems and maintaining a qc system to assure quick and accurate response to each inquiry.

Our clients expect a quick turnaround with ease of data entry and retrieval. Key Soft has designed an architecture that will take us to the next step as well -- tying our service into our clients' own software so that background checks are automated as a part of their normal hiring process. Key Soft has provided the IT expertise to do this.

I am sure their are others out there who can do this, but I don't know who they are and where. Key Soft is the reason that we are prospering and growing today.

  Dennis Brooks, CEO, owner
Professional eAccess Network, Inc.
Long Beach, CA USA, 90803
Tel 562 431-6919
Fax 775 254-1865

I must say that the Key-Soft team did a fantastic job! They completed every detail on time and exactly the way we wanted it. They always know exactly what we want and follow the specifications perfectly. They also add-in their own ideas which is just an added bonus. I highly recommend them. Thanks for your great high quality work!!

  Gerard Spin,
Barkmolenstraat 127
9723 DD Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone + 31 (0) 50 3603642
Fax + 31 (0) 50 3111284

I worked with Key-Soft since 2000. During this time, I was a project manager and technical architect. I interacted closely with Key-Soft team for technical design and code reviews. In this capacity, we worked on a variety of web-based projects using a variety of different technologies.

In specific, our focus was on Java based servlets using Apache and Oracle. Other technologies include Perl, Netscape, BEA, ASP and IIS.

The relationship with Key-Soft started with a startup consulting company called Interactive Web Concepts (IWC). 3Com purchased IWC in 2000 to jump start 3Com's offering in the professional services space. As a result of the IWC acquisition, the relationship with Key-Soft continued. Key-Soft gave 3Com a very significant cost advantage. Key-Soft handled the bulk of our software development. Our local team mainly consisted of project managers and functional subject-matter-experts. The local team documented functional requirements and shipped them off to Key-Soft for technical design and development. In addition to the cost savings, the time difference gave us a significant advantage in meeting aggressive deadlines.

3Com was engaged with a variety of clients developing custom web-based software. Projects included communities, CRM, project tracking, and productivity suites. A large part of our clientele was also startup application service providers. In this capacity, we built several applications for bid matching, wireless sensor tracking in an ASP model.

Unfortunately, 3Com has exited the e-Business PS space in 2002. To this day, I receive smaller projects from our prior clients as an independent contractor. Because of this, I still work with Key-Soft, albeit in a much smaller capacity.

I have nothing but excellent comments regarding Key-Soft. Throughout our engagements, Key-Soft team has acted with utmost professionalism, delivering quality software on schedule and within budget. I have worked with quite a bit of off-shore development houses, both in India and Russia. Key-Soft is consistently the most reliable and dependable vendor.

  Anthony Chang,
Commissions' manager, 3Com Corporation
Cell number 650-704-9668

"...Key-Soft has been working continuously on my project since December, 2003. In all respects, they have done a superb job. They have been extremely responsive and helpful, and are keenly interested in my success. Given their responsiveness, the project size has increased. I plan to continue the ongoing work and relationship with Key-Soft. I recommend Key Soft highly and without reservation. If you would like more information, please contact me via email..."

  Michael Krigsman
Cambridge Publications, Inc.
One Harvard St., Suite 301
Brookline, MA 02445
617-739-1860 ext. 18 voice
617-277-9990 fax

I have found Key-Soft a great benefit to my business, They are professional and effective. My first project was given with some scepticism as to whether they could actually deliver, and I was pleasantly surprised when they delivered on time, on budget and a high quality product that satisfied my requirement to no other company had managed to do. I have now many projects in Key-Soft's hands.

  Neil Tocher
Connected Digital Media Ltd,
Bonnington Mill
72 Newhaven Road
Phone: 0131 555 4999
Fax: 0131 555 4666
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