Where are you located?

Our location in the Siberian Scientific Center of Russia, the "brain" center, made it possible to take aboard the highest-level specialists, team up with well educated (MS in average) staff, and cooperate with world known science names. With a large pool of expert developers and skillful teams available in-house and through our partner network we are flexible in team building in accordance to any current and expected project needs.

How do you communicate with your customers?

We attach higher significance to the proper communication line set up during the development process. This is, undoubtedly, the most crucial part in any cooperation and we use all the possible mean to have a streamlined communication line - phone, email, instant messenger, audio and video conferencing.

What time zone are you working in?

Our time zone is GMT+6(EST+11). But if we worked in a usual order, it would be absolutely useless, because we understand that most of our clients would sleep while we were on work. So we decided to make it more comfortable for you and for us also, and start and finish our working day later. We start at 6 a.m. GMT (1 a.m. EST) and finish at 3 p.m. GMT(10 a.m. EST). But these frames are flexible, i.e. we can work till late at night to provide the best communication with a client.

What are the possible ways of working on my project?

The right approach for the project planning and estimating would be to go through a professional Software Architecture Phase. During the SA Phase we'll answer all our questions - define business goals and corresponding system requirements, figure out the acceptable parameters, define usability level, create a system architecture and database structure, build a strategy and plan, put together a task plan, make up the time and resource allocation table. Finally having all these pieces on hand we could simply start and finish the project according to the approved schedule. Going this way, we both would know exactly where we're going to and what it costs in terms of time and money. For this research and planning phase we would assign a full time solution architect (and other would help him too) to work in close cooperation with you. At the same time, we would suggest designing a technical layout for all the important interfaces (screens) of the system. That would ensure we are on the same page about every project detail and that might save a lot of time (read budget) in the forthcoming development.

Another alternative and the most cost effective approach in our opinion would be to build the working arrangements around a virtual employment model. That way we would assign several (discussible) full time developers to your project and organize them under strong Project Manager's supervision to work very close to you. Pretty much like having your local team working in your office.

This is a step by step approximation to the required software. We would work and discuss our progress on a daily basis and work out further plans and then keep working mad. This step by step way, apparently, doesn't have any accurate estimation on the budget until the time we've got a clear picture on what is remained.

The biggest advantage of this approach is the full flexibility of changing anything or adding any new ideas during the production phase. We are sure this may be in great demand so it would be a great pity not to implement any spectacular idea since it was not specified in the tech specification. We're going to build something really professional, a commercially successful product so it would be smart to have the necessary flexibility and built the perfect result.

What is your software development approach?

The power of our methodology is that we're not tied up strictly to any particular technology, but we have a number of them to choose from within the alliance. Our primary goal is to do it right and we don't just sell. Instead, we, along with the clients, select the best vehicle to run their business - the one that meets all the ongoing and future requirements and expectations, and the one that fits the budget at the same time.

The Software Engineering Process in our company has been distilled for years and we are really proud of the existing project management lifecycle. It is a stage based fully documented process that is built around project goals, requirements, and milestones. It provides all the parties involved with the appropriate means and sufficient information for painless development flow. Practice shows that there is no other way to deliver any more or less serious business project successfully. Take a closer look at the overview of our Software Engineering Process.

What technologies are you capable of?

It doesn't make a big sense to describe all the technologies we work with - from old assembling language to modern web services and .NET. Just to name a few:

-     Case-Modeling: Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio, Together, Power Builder, Erwin
-     Languages: C/C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, XML, VBScript, Clipper, Cold Fusion, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, DAO, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ActiveX, COM, DCOM, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft Message Queing (MSMQ).
-     Object-oriented: C#, VB.NET, Java
-     Databases: Oracle8i, MS SQL, MS Access, PL/SQL, MySQL, Postgresql, Sybase, Informix
-     Technologies: .NET, J2EE, Swing, JDK, Win32 API, CORBA, MFC
-     Development tools: Visual Cafe 3.0/Age 3.0, Jbuilder 3.0, JDK 1.1, 1.2 , JSDK
-     Java servers: IBM WebSphere, iPlanet, BEA WebLogic, Jserv, JBoss, Tomcat
-     Platforms: UNIX-based (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD), Novell NetWare, Windows NT
-     Design & Interactive: Macromedia Director, Flash, Action Script, 3DMax, 3D Studio, CorelDraw
-     Wireless Technology: WinCE, PalmOS, EPOCH, Symbian OS, JAVA, J2ME, WAP, Bluetooth, 802.11, Wi-Fi, VoIP, SIP, GPRS, 3G

Are you interested in a Join Venture partnership to share profits?

Of course, we have a number of joint ventures and constantly looking for proactive people to fix another part of the equation - we are best in production, you are best in sales/marketing/promotion. We've got a number of ideas to be deployed through joint venture approach. If both parties respect the time, words and money of their associates then this joint venture has all the chances to prosper.

  Russia. Novosibirsk. Akademgorodok.
This is where we live and work.

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