How You benefit through Outsourcing in Key-Soft Ltd.

Concentrate on your primary business objectives and outsource the rest to the most cost-effective production center. Just imagine - you can:
  • hire top notch professionals in any IT area
  • pay for actual hours worked - not for hours spent just sitting in the office
  • set yourself or your project managers free from overwhelming routine (such as daily control of all the smallest details) and dedicate that time to strategic ideas
  • get immediate access to as many gurus as your projects might need (100+ highly skilled software engineers)
  • have a shortened development cycle due to the time zone difference. Yesterday evening's problem gets converted into today morning's solution!
  • have talents in other different technologies on hand ready to jumpstart your projects
  • reduce operative expenses and get the budget needed to improve your market position. Ready infrastructure available: 3.000 Sq. Ft. Office in the center of Russian Silicon Valley (or "Silicon Steppe" as it was called in "Financial Times").
  • have the pleasure of NOT watching your own developers sweating over who knows what - instead, you just get to see the finished work!
Is this not what you're really looking for? To achieve your goals with the maximum efficiency and profit? The only step you need to take is to cable the work to a reliable, responsive, inventive, and tech-savvy team.
  "The businessman compared the city's programmers with others he was using in France, Poland and India, and concluded the quality was much higher in Russia. Now more than 50 of the company's 70 employees are based in Novosibirsk. He says that salary costs are less than a third of German levels, although the advantage of cheaper wages is offset by the considerable management and supervision time the operation requires."

Siberian city sees its future in software
Financial Times 23-Feb-2000
"Arthur Andersen, the accountancy and consulting firm now recasting itself as an expert on the "new economy", has also set up shop in Novosibirsk. Don Holley, the office manager, estimates that up to 500 local programmers are working on freelance contracts with foreign companies, and sending their work by e-mail."

Siberian city sees its future in software
Financial Times 23-Feb-2000
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