If you are reading these words it definitely means that you desire to find either the most qualified developers, or the most experienced system architects, or the most talented graphic designers, or, maybe, the best place for hosting.

In any case you are on the beam! Key-Soft will help you along and understand all your needs, even if you are not a technical person. Working partnership with our best specialists (MS in average), will lead to the surefire results. Be sure, you have found a best vehicle to drive your business.

In order not to be unsupported by evidence, please, look at our 10 mature projects, read what our customers write about our work and if you still have any questions, please, contact us and we will clear all your doubts away!
New project - Resource Scheduling Prototype. 15 June 2005
We started the development of a new project devoted to automatic scheduling and control of flights for the airline located in Hong Kong. It is really a big project, in which it is even planned to include quite a big part of artificial intelligence.
Key-Soft is growing along with your business. 10 June 2005
We have a new extra office space of 150 sq.m.! It's a new light cute room where our bright developers and Project Managers will successfully implement your projects and turn then into the masterpieces.
Friday the 13th 13 May 2005
Friday the 13th is known to be an "official" unlucky day all over the world. Due to a number of accidents, which took place exactly on Fridays the 13th, Key-Soft decided not to tempt the fate and made every Friday the 13th an official day off!
News archive
Darren Carter, MD, President/CEO, Provistas, New York, USA
I really enjoyed working with the Key Soft crew. They created exactly the application I wanted and were always willing to take new suggestions and provide their. I will definitely keep working with them on future Palm projects.
Leon Kopelev, Director of Technology, Interactive Web Concepts, Inc., USA
Working with you helped us to achieve the 24x7 working cycle. Your extremely high performance helps us to be one of the leaders in Web Consulting.
Our mature projects:
Virtual Dream Face
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Parking Automation
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Risk Management
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You should know this!

You may ask - why Key-Soft? Hmmmm... indeed, why should you entrust you brain-child to Key-Soft? Believe it or not, but:

First of all we hire only top notch professionals for every IT area. So you don't need to diddle tons of hours on interviews and don't need to rack your head over where to find best specialists. Free yourself or your project managers from overwhelming routine (such as daily control of all the smallest details) and dedicate that time to creative strategic ideas. And what is more you can eventually forget about this "nice" sight of sweating and puzzling developers, what you see is just an excellently implemented finished work!

Secondly, there are no tricks in what we do; "to twist somebody round one's finger" is for sure not our slogan! You pay only for ACTUAL hours worked, not for hours spent just sitting in the office, playing solitaire. Please note - Key-Soft is not a bombast company that recognizes only the $10000 office furniture and drinks coffee from the golden mugs. Our costing is flexible and we are happy to tailor the cost to fit any budget!

What we have as a result? Only two words - true clients! Do we need more? Not at any price!!!
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