Key-Soft is a great company to work with. They have the ability to think outside the box and are able to tackle projects out of the mainstream. They are very responsive and the lines of communication are always open. I highly recommend them for any project large or small.
11 mar 2005, Tim O'Brien, CEO, Owner, O'Brien's Golf Inc., USA
It was a pleasure working with the Key-Soft team. They are highly professional and yet very affordable. I fully recommend them and their service.
30 sep 2004, Neil Shearing, Ph.D., CEO, ScamFreeZone, USA
Finally, someone that can do what they say they can do! Until we found Key-Soft we were unable to find anyone that could do the technical things we wanted to do, and they exceeded our expectations in doing so. We had spent months developing the ideas for this project and how we wanted it to work, they were able to make a few recommendations along the way that took this project from "great" to "grand". We have been working with them for about 1 year now, we are now working on an even more technical project. Communication with Key-Soft was excellent, no language barrier at all. I highly recommend Key-soft.
20 sep 2004, Jeremy Koch, Down South Publishers, Inc., USA
Andrey and Igor, We are extremely impressed. You have been able to rapidly develop and install License plate recognition software on a remote computer with a lot of hardware. It has always been very responsive and fits the needs of our company and customers. Thanks for all the support and creative energy. See you one the next project.
08 sep 2004, Gerard Spin, CEO, Parkingware, Inc., Netherlands
This was the first software venture for Poppy Hill Designs, Inc. We selected Keysoft from over 31 bids to create our kaleidoscope application. This program had some unique challenges since it involved graphics and a special print wizard function. We were a little apprehensive about doing this project completely through email, but the Keysoft Project Manager and his team did a great job taking our proposal and translating it into a software program for commercial distribution. Keysoft worked very hard to understand our requirements and made changes in a timely manner as required. Keysoft was always professional and courteous in our dealings and would take the time to explain or suggest different software options for our project. Overall we are very pleased with our completed project and would work with and recommend Keysoft to others. Wendy Martinez, President, Poppy Hill Designs, Inc.
20 jun 2004, Wendy Martinez, President, Poppy Hill Designs, Inc., USA
Key-Soft has been working continuously on my project since December. In all respects, they have done a superb job. They have been extremely responsive and helpful, and are keenly interested in my success. Given their responsiveness, the project size has increased. I plan to continue the ongoing work and relationship. I recommend Key Soft highly and without reservation. If you would like more information, please contact me via email.
08 apr 2004, Michael Krigsman, CEO, owner, Asuret, inc, USA
Fast turn-around times and good communication. Always responded to inquiries extremely fast. The job was done to my fullest satisfaction.
27 jan 2004, Michael, Austria
Keysoft did a great job with my project, and were very timely in their responses. I changed the specs a couple of times and they went along with me - with no complaints. They seem very eager, and aim to please.
25 oct 2003, Steve Miles, USA
Provider is very professional and the results are guaranteed. Worked closely with me fulfilling every request. The project was completed earlier than the deadline and i guarantee that his quality of work is A+. I recommend this service provider without second thoughts.
15 oct 2003, Stathis Efstathiou, CEO, ScoreBoards, Inc., Nicosia, Cyprus
To those who absolutely must get the job done and get it done right - Making the impossible possible. The ability to bring order out of chaos. Talent, creativity, knowledge, and a willingness to learn your business - this is the team at Key-Soft. I would recommend them for any project. If they say they can do, consider it done.
07 Mar 2003, Dennis Brooks, GM - Professional eAccess Network, Inc., Long Beach, CA
We have been very busy recently and it because of the success with the Compare and Min_price databases Key-Soft designed. They are excellent. We would probably have gone out of business if we didn't have them - they have helped to get us through a very difficult time of trading. Key-Soft team also provided full support for the databases solving any problems or adding new functionality and features, very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Key-Soft.
03 Mar 2003, Mark Flanagan, Avondale Systems Ltd, London, UK
I thank my lucky stars the day I came across Key-Soft. They have made the development of all our software such an easy process. Right from the start they have understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and have created efficient and really cost effective software. Just as important, they did it in a friendly way and were always available to chat through things. It was almost as though they were in the office next door. I really cannot recommend these guys more highly.
03 Mar 2003, Mike Kleinsteuber, Bristol, UK
The guys at key-soft are very responsive and always available. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make customer happy. Also very honest.
04 Dec 2002, Rocky Foroutan, Celesto Technology, Inc., USA
I really enjoyed working with the Key Soft crew. They created exactly the application I wanted and were always willing to take new suggestions and provide their. I will definitely keep working with them on future Palm projects.
01 Oct 2002, Darren Carter, MD, President/CEO, Provistas, New York, USA
Key-Soft did a fantastic job with our project. Communication was key, since we were designing a detailed database for our club. They completed the project in a timely manner and left out no details.
27 Sep 2002, Lisa James, USA
I am very happy with work done. Great Job!!!
27 Sep 2002, Roger Silverio, LyfeStyles Designs, Florida, USA
THERE ARE NO WORDS but I will attempt to describe excellence like this... key-soft has been most informative, helpful, and professional . No request has been too small for question and no request has been too large. Excellent management skills. Proficient knowledge in the area of code and very much a help. If you''re looking for assistance with web design, information or uploading..key-soft is your answer. I would definately recommend without reservation...
26 Sep 2002, Nan Ramey, USA
Key-Soft did a fine job of meeting and exceeding my expectations. They were very quick to provide a useable prototype, and worked well to provide all the capabilites we required. I look forward to working with them again!
05 Sep 2002, L. John Ribar, President, Picasso Software Group Ltd.
Very capable and professional throughout. This team was a pleasure to work with, and their Java skills are very, very good. I especially liked their professional attitude in terms of communication and project execution. Well done!
17 Apr 2002, Thomas Paulmichl, CEO, Limited
Very professional, great ideas, quick turnaround, and very willing to make sure the project is as good as it can be. We are very happy with their work so far.
25 Oct 2001, Neal O'Farrell, Founder of Think Security First!, Hackademia LLC, CA, USA
The quarter we just closed last night was especially significant because it was the fourth in a row that we finished over our targets. You have all played a very crucial part in achieving these spectacular results and you should be proud of your results and progress.
06 Dec 2000, Dareld Nishijo, Internet Solutions Director, Consulting Services 3Com Corporation, USA
Working with you helped us to achieve the 24x7 working cycle. Your extremely high performance helps us to be one of the leaders in Web Consulting.
20 Sep 1999, Leon Kopelev, Director of Technology, Interactive Web Concepts, Inc., USA
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